A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Full name: Ultimate Record Runner Simulator GOTY Edition XXX XIV Featuring Dante From The Devil May Cry Series & Knuckles 2 At The Olympic games 23DS U Plus Wii Motion Plus Inside

Play as Mr.Clay as he runs on a record loop, collecting musical notes and avoiding the dust bunnies!

Use the mouse to move around. Touch the notes to get points and try not to hit the bunnies. Touching them or missing a note will make your life bar go down, collect notes to get your life back.

Rjwest07 - Team Mascot
James9270 - Coding
Noogai223 - Sprites
lau - Music + Trailer
Melody - UI, Modeling, Technical Art
And a special thanks to Salamander Orange for providing the very brilliant DR. MR. WHAT vinyl sticker texture

One of the songs did not play.


Record Runner (Win) FIX 57 MB
Record Runner (Linux) FIX 62 MB
Record Runner (Mac) FIX 60 MB
Record Runner (Win) 52 MB
Record Runner (Linux) 57 MB
Record Runner (Mac) 54 MB


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This was an interesting experience. I could see it being a good game if it were to go past just being a game jam game.

The levels were fun, though some were either too short or too long. The music itself was cool to listen to and didn't really lose my interest.
The controls were a bit odd though. Normally in a game like this you'd use keyboard controls, but here you move your mouse left and right. There's nothing wrong with that per-say, just gets a bit odd to get used to, especially if you have to mess with your mouse's DPI in order to move smoothly.

It can be difficult to figure out which lane the music notes are on sometimes. The creators made the notes slightly different colors to help, but I was completely confused when I tried the first level. After a few more levels I got a bit better at reading which lane they're on, but would still have difficulties if a huge clump of them were together. That may just be due to inexperience though.

Overall not that bad of a short experience. Would recommend playing, just be aware that you may have to mess with your mouse's DPI in order to get the game to flow well.
Favorite track: DJ Headache - Banana Flippe